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Care Package Spa Set

Give a gift that’s just as memorable as you!

Let someone special in your life know you care with this gift box for a cause. This limited edition self-care gift box was inspired by the current events taking place involving police brutality in the black community. Whether or not you purchase this box for a loved one going through a tough time, or as a celebratory gift for a friend, colleague, or partner, Shop Tilde will donate up to $15 per gift box to a black-owned nonprofit organization focused on the advancement of the black community.

Our products are handmade in our studio with only the finest ingredients.

This box is perfect for anyone looking for a special occasion gift set, complete with a matching gift box and custom note. This is also a great ‘Thank You’ gift box, or simply to let someone know that they’ve been on your mind. This box is sure to brighten anyone’s day!


Customizable options:

1. Your CUSTOM MESSAGE on the inner lid. Our original default lid message of ‘Hello Gorgeous’ is being replaced with the message in picture #1 so please indicate your lid message if it differs.

2. Your personalized card (we’ve included a lengthy card message to show you a general template for those with plenty to say and also a message card for those wishing to keep it short and sweet). Please feel free to customize this to your liking and be sure to include who the gift is from.

Gift Box Contents:

1. 2 oz Rosé and Resistance Scented Soy Wax Candle (our shop favorite scent renamed for this limited edition box) Top notes: Fig, Middle: Tart Pear, Bottom: White Musk

2. All-natural hand-made oatmeal soap in our best selling Sun Shower fragrance (pairs perfectly with our candle and bath salt scents). Always cruelty and paraben-free non-GMO.

3. Tan Raffia hoop earrings with peach acetate embellishment

4. All-natural Lip & Body Salve in an elegant gold tin with matching screw-top lid

5. Scented Shimmering Hand Sanitizer

6. 14k Gold-Dipped Initial necklace

7. 2 oz scented bath soak with Himalayan sea salt, rose petals, chia seeds, coconut oil, and Tumeric

8. *Bonus Item: Complimentary set of matches to go with the candle


The excitement of an unopened bottle, ice-cold in your hand. The gasp & cheer after the cork explodes from the top. The cheers with good friends & the first sip of the rest of your life.

Brighten up any room with this sweet, crisp, and refreshing scented soy candle. It smells like the fresh open fields of Napa Valley – but in a jar!
Hand-made & hand-poured with care in small batches by our team in Atlanta, GA.

-Scent: Napa Valley
-Size: 4 oz
-Soy Wax
-Essential Oils
-Hand Poured in Atlanta, GA


Every shower should be a time to relax, cleanse, and revitalize before or after a long day. Our all-natural, handmade soaps will turn any shower into your own personal spa experience. Enjoy the fresh scent and moisturizing lather while you take in the benefits of the beneficial oils and minerals carefully picked to complement any bathing routine. Your skin will not only be softer to the touch, but it will leave you with a beautifully subtle aroma that will blend well with any added perfume or fragrance.

-Hand made in small batches in Atlanta, GA

INGREDIENTS: All natural oatmeal, Aloe vera, shea butter, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, raw honey, rose clay, mica, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, fragrance, trace amounts of alcohol


The Tilde Lip & Body Salve is a wonderful creamy salve made for any gal (or guy) who needs a little lip balm lovin’ & pairs well with our hand-made soap. Your loved ones will thank you for keeping them moisturized & squeaky clean! Oh, and did we mention that the scent is to die for!?

INGREDIENTS: Avocado butter, shea butter, lime butter, hemp seed oil, chia seed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, canola oil, water, mica, jojoba, fragrance

-1 oz gold tin with lid
-2.05 inch diameter & 0.79 inch height
-Hand-made in small batches in Atlanta, GA


INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, Rose Quartz, Gold Mica


Simple but elegant, this classic initial block letter charm necklace adds a delicate dash of classic beauty to any outfit. Pair it with a formal dress or layer it with your everyday necklaces!


– 14K Gold Dipped
– 16″ dainty chain with claw claps