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Posted: 1 week ago

Body Oil & Body Butter

Handcrafted Skin Care Moisturizing & Nourishing Spa Gift Box Includes Two of 16J Organics’ Signature Handcrafted Products “Green Quench” and “Mo’Butter”-100% Natural, Organic, Raw, Nutritionally Dense Food Grade Ingredients:

Green Quench 8oz – Body oil a green juice – smoothie of life-sustaining oils and essential oils from fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, roots and flowers that provides the skin vital collagen building nourishment from the outside in and makes your skin glow, soft and completely moisturized. It can be used on the face and beards as well.Use: Spray a nickel size amount into your hands and rub me on clean wet skin
Mo’Butter 4 oz – A rich creamy formula of life-sustaining oils that melts right into your skin to heal dry, cracked, sensitive patches, and stretch marks, while at the same time sustains your skin’s elasticity, tone, and hydration. How to Use: Perfect for dry patches, hands, and feet. Start with a dab and continue to apply as needed.
Made in small batches & packaged in nontoxic reusable cobalt blue glass
Our Skin Is A Gateway – Harmful Chemicals Can and Do Enter Our Bloodstream Through Topical Application–Know Your Cosmetics. Please Read The List Of Our Certified Organic Food Grade Ingredients Below