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When a community comes together and uplift each other, the magic happens.


Pause. Breathe.

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Afrologyx strives to become a resource for the black-owned community. We create content around educating and inspiring entrepreneurs.

We encourage community support for the black owners by curating the best businesses, products, and entrepreneurs of African descent and highlight their creativity.

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As we grow and add more digital assets to our business, we invite businesses to take advantage of what we build. We are committed to becoming a resource for the black-owned community.

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We invite you to partner with us to create visual content that will redefine our community for millennia.

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Guided meditations, deep relaxation, restful sleep, healing music, affirmations, binaural beats, Solfreggio frequencies and more.
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Morning guided meditation with uplifting affirmations

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Gratitude meditation for purpose and fulfillment

21 minutes

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Sleep meditation to let go of stress, fear and anxiety

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Supporting Each Other

Our message to our user base is for each member to play a role in the black-owned community’s growth and prosperity. We aim to create a community that patronizes, collaborate, and inspires each other to be greater.


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Amazing: I smile all the time now!

My life took a 360 degree turn since I started listening to these meditations. Guided visualisations are great even for complete beginners. I am such a happy person now!

Laura P